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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 7, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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operator smashed down on that red mushroom button that puts the brakes on full and that works. the two trains never touched each other. at first, metro told reporters the incident happened at the forest glenn metro stop at 1:00 on wednesday afternoon. in fact, the near-miss occurred around 9:00 a.m. during rush hour at the nearby wheaton station. a train was sitting on the outbound tracks at wheaton. a second train started rolling into the station from the outbound tunnel but the operator noticed the red rear lights of the stopped train and slammed on the brakes in time to avoid a collision. me immediately notified metro's operations control center of the incident and occ notified the transit agency's safety office. according to a memo, the safety office failed to immediately launch an investigation and failed to notify the tristate oversight committee which, is supposed to be called within two hours of an incident. >> they notified the committee about 24 hours after the event
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occurred and we have expressed our concern. >> reporter: some metro customers are concerned about the near-miss at wheaton and the series of metro mishaps since last june's fatal crash. >> seems like it's repetitious and is happening day in and day out. someone has to do something about it. >> metro still has its defenders. >> i think metro needs more funding and we have to be more practical and keep them funded. they keep a million people off the roads every day. >> reporter: even though trains are operated manually, there is supposed to be an automatic train alert system that alerts the operators when they're too close to each other and takes over and slows or stops the train and that may not have worked. the track circuit is questionable, outbound trains approaching the wheaton station are doing so slowly until they figure out, brian, what
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happened. back to you. >> john henrehan, live in northwest. the woman charged in connection with the d.c. school principal's death is released from jail. this is exclusivevo of williams' arrest. she's accused of knowingly using credit cards stolen from brian bets' home. posted $5,000 bond today. her son is one of the three teenagers charged in bets' murder last month. they're supposed to be under youth rehabilitation services supervision and were unaccounted for at the time of the murder of betts. hundreds of mourners travelled to towson this afternoon to pay their respects to yardly love. she was killed earlier in this week. the former boyfriend is charged with her more. stacey cohan is outside with more. >> reporter: it's been a difficult day, brian, as the mourners poured in and that grief was tangible and the funeral home is prepareing for a second round of miners. the first viewing began at 2:00
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p.m. and ran through 4:00 p.m. many former classmates, teachers, family friends and lacrosse teammates came to pay their respects from noter came prep. they tried to honor the memory of a kind and vibrant young woman that yardly love is remembered as and many are still reeling from the details of her death allegedly at the lands of her former boyfriend. >> makes me believe that anything can happen and that the smallest sign could be the biggest sign you get. >> we hope and pray that everyone can -- prayers for this family. it's family that is wonderful and endearing. and so we're all feeling pain. >> reporter: in addition to the pain here in the community, there is a great deal of pain at the university of virginia. she was, of course, part of the women's lacrosse team and that
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team did board a bus here and are expected to travel to towson and attend a private viewing and that will be hill tomorrow in baltimore. stacey cohan, back to you. >> thank you. gilbert arenas is back home. he was released after spending a month in a halfway house and that is part of the sentence for bringing guns into the locker room. arenas pleaded guilty to felony gun possession in january and the sentence includes probation, fines and community service. a family just getting home thought they were in the middle of the earthquake. had nothing to do with mother nature. instead, a construction accident came crashing into their rowhome. and matt ackland is live with more. matt. >> reporter: it was a close call this morning. thankfully, the family got home and that were not in the area where the wall came crumbling down and a lot of progress has taken place. it's too dangerous to stay up
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to and to some of the other structures in the area. a huge crane is brought in and there is probably two dozen workers here. they're going to bring the house down and make it safer for other neighbors in the area. willie green returned home from breakfast when his home shook. >> it was like an earthquake. >> reporter: not knowing what was going on, he held on and looked over to see something he thought he would never witness. >> got up foot top of the steps, heard a loud bomb and looked over at the wall and itioned up like a mouse -- mouth, the floor started shake, the top of the ceiling. the foundation in general started shaking. >> this is the problem. a home being renovated next door. as crews dug into the basement, the soil below gave way. the first floor of the home came crashing down while construction workers were
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inside and the walls between the neighboring homes began to crumble. >> it was a work group of five or six workers in there, i believe one or two may have ridden down on the debris field. >> reporter: the construction workers were okay and thankfully willie's sister was not harmed. >> i am -- and we can get another house. the fact that nobody got hurt, that is mostly on my mind. >> reporter: a few hours earlier and everyone would have been at home. possibly where the rubble fell. >> reporter: thank goodness no one was home or in the way of the wall. earlier, they were sleeping and there could have been trouble and what we should point out, there was permitting here taken out and we're told that inspectors took a look at that is come everything was done according to the law. back out live, you can see all the construction workers. they say they going to take their time, brian. they have to do this carefully
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and there are structures on each side and what they want to do is be careful to stabilize the homes on each side as they bring down the red one behind me. back to you. >> what a mess and we know it's still danger ice situation out there. matt ackland, thanks for the update. coming up next at 6, time square cleared out again. what police found a block away from last week's failed car bomb. and new details on the suspect in that case. plus, a local student set to graduate from law school tomorrow. how he beat the odds is nothing short of inspiring. and did you see it? an elusive emu. leads police on a wild chase. cameras as you can tell, were rolling. we'll be right back. 
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>> here we go again. time square evacuated a second time less than a week. the streets were closed off, traffic stopped after an abandoned watercooler was found. the police checked it out and gave the all clear an hour later. nypd has seen an increase of supports, suspicious packages
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since last week's failed bomb plot. general david petraeus said the man accused of trying to bomb time square acted alone. he said shazad was inspired by pakistani extremists but the general said he didn't necessarily have direct contact with them. shazad had help in planning the attack. keeping an eye on the economy, after another roller- coaster day. look at the big board. the dow coming to a rest at 140, down 140 at the closing bell and dropping nearly 340 points and investors are anxious. from yesterday's huge fall and all eyes are on the market. president obama was trying to focus on a positive jobs report and there are more jobs in the american economy and the unemployment rate went up, too. >> it was a volatile day on wall street with stock prices fluctuating sharply. it's a sign investors remain
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nervous. one day after an unprecedented selloff that support stocks plummeted 1,000 points in 30 minutes. the president said that the government will take steps to prevent another violent stock drop. >> the regulatory authorities are evaluating this closely and with a concern. >> reporter: the president reacted to what he said is a positive jobs report. the employers added 290,000 jobs in april. the most in four years. >> and the steady growth is starting to get businesses the confidence to expand and to here new people. >> reporter: the unemployment rate inched up from 9.7 to 9.9%. >> we have one out of 10 americans in the labor force who can't find a job. >> the president said it reflects -- on the job hunt. critics say if this is progression, it's painfully slow. >> this report is disheartening. at this slow pace, it will take much of a decade to return to
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normal employment levels. >> reporter: the white house said the president is being updated on the situation in greece and people are ryouting -- rioting over that country's economic problem, adding to the skittishness on wall street. congress wants answers after thursday's sudden market drop. a house hearing is scheduled for next week to try to figure out what caused it n. washington, jennifer davis, fox news. what are you worried about those days? the state of the economy trumps the threat of terrorism in a fox news poll. and this is a look at the numbers. 50% said the economy is number one and followed by the deficit, 8% said terrorism is a top concern. still ahead at 6, six foster homes in 10 years. how this man surpassed expecting as and the big payoff that comes tomorrow. [ male ann] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener.
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>> an e mew on the move in north carolina. let's show it to you, anyway. a housepainter spotted the big bird and took off after it. made it through the town of rock hill, south carolina. animal control got involved and the group managed to wrangle it to submission. it's college graduation time. a lot of hard work and nights got students to this place in time. tonight, we met a -- who will not be wearing a cap and gown. an inspirational graduate and soon to be lawyer. >> feels good to look back on all you have gone through. >> reporter: freeman has gone through a lot to wear this
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robe. >> reporter: this weekend, he graduates from howard university law school, a mom who couldn't take care of him and lived in six foster homes in 10 years. >> you know, the kids are like you want to hurry -- and where is your mom at. >> reporter: at 18, he went to college in search of room and board and -- . >> all wasser hearing was that they were in jail and homeless. >> reporter: freeman beat the odds and graduated and felt alone. >> and i can distinctly remember walking across the stage and in an undergrad. at graduations, everyone has their cheer secs as you walk across the stage and there was almost silence as a like as i walked across. >> reporter: it will be different this time. and when freeman comes here the washington convention center tomorrow to picture up his law degree, there will be 26 friends in the audience,
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some from as far away as california all here in d.c. to show their support. from being invited to their houses for thanksgiving and christmas, because without that, i would have nowhere else to go. >> reporter: freeman got a bost from an internship program for kids who spent time in foster care. he was placed in the office of then-senator hillary clinton. clinton even mentioned him in the updated version of her book "it takes a village." >> you have ever thought about law school? >> he hadn't and he may use his law degree to work on public policy, especially children's issues. >> it will be tremendously selfish of me to have all the success and have all of these people who helped me throughout the years and not give anything back. >> reporter: he wants all kids to know -- . >> there is a bright future out there for you if you stay focused and work hard. >> thank you. thank you. >> and to the adults hearing his story, he said help a kid, he's living proof of the difference it can make.
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>> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> great story. >> he is fantastic. >> and we were talking about the moment in graduation. >> yes. >> and -- . >> popularity contest. >> yeah. >> and clap for everybody. >> the homes too much. >> right. >> and that is -- . >> cloud for the people you won't think will graduate. >> and -- . >> has a great story. >> would make a great lawyer. >> yes. >> and talk about the weekend. >> and sail boaters will be happy with this and be careful. we know it's coming, not here yet and it's beautiful today. you probably noticed a cloud deck earlier today and thought oh, no, what is this? that is the leading edge of warmer air coming into town and could be mild friday night. a perfect night to be out and
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about and dulles, 78. enjoy tonight, that is for sure and really, the weekend is going to be descent. the pattern change we're talking about is cooler air and pretty significant winds on saturday and kicking up ahead of and right behind the front that is going to be crossing in the middle of the day and there could be a shower or two around, that is for sure and it's more of the winds and cooler air rolling into up to, especially the cooler air part of the put ole saturday night and search a wind advisory is posted now long the interstate 81 corridor and the mountains gust could be as high as 45 and 50 miles an hour on the highest ridge top and we could see winds gusting to 30 miles per hour, especially tomorrow afternoon and be ready for that. it will be before noon and we don't think it will be a lot. the front will move quickly. 75 degrees in d.c. fredericksburg, 83 degrees. upper 80s, 87 for raleigh and
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87 in nashville and cincinnati is 82 and check this out. chicago, 53; lincoln, nebraska, 54; snowing in fargo, 39 degrees in international falls, 41. that is our colder air. it's going to be causing quite a fuss as it moves to the north of our area and we want to show you satellite and radar. a few clouds around and especially coming in with that warmer air now. the showers and storms may produce tornados, especially this line here and look at the snow they seeing across wisconsin and minnesota and there will be more of virginia thaacross michigan and the western great lakes and they will be on the lookout for a possibility of severe weather and that is tonight and tomorrow, big winds, hail and tornados, especially for the ohio valley. where does that get to tomorrow? do we have to worry about it? doesn't look like it and there is a slight risk south and east of d.c. and you might see a stronger thunderstorm. that would include the beaches. heading for the festivities at
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ocean city, be aware of that and you can see a stronger thunderstorm and might be stronger than here in d.c. and this is the forecast tonight. clouds, mild and lows in the 60s. tomorrow, spotty shower and storms in the morning. windy, hit 76 degrees and the temperature will drop as the a goes down and watch this wind, 15 to 35 miles an hour gusts. spotty shower at 8 in the morning, 68 degrees by noon, windy and 74 and by 5:00, back with a lot of sunshine and the winds will be what you will be talking about with this system. he's your five-day forecast and 76 again for tomorrow. mother's day, looking good and dry and breezy and a bit of a chill in the air and monday night, 67 degrees and below average. tuesday, 65 and we get into an
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unsettled period and that begins tuesday and wednesday and lingering into wednesday. more changes ahead for the first part of next week. the nation's country music capitol is still drying out after all the devastating flooding. nationalville took a direct hit and it was two feet under water and staying close for months and the opry shows were moved to other have an use. at 6, tiger woods is not the only draw at the player's championship this weekend. how was master's champ phil mickleson faring? t .ie
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>> good evening, i'm lindsey murphy. gilbert arenas arrived home from a halfway house after completing one part of the punishment for bringing guns into the wizards locker room and is free to resume his basketball career and is on 2 years' probation still and has to pay a $500 fine and two do400 hours of community
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service. the redskins to round two. albert haines worth was a no show and will be required to show up to next month's mandatory camp. rocky mcintosh showed up and skipped the first camp. he wants a long-term contract instead of a one-year tenure. we'll have more tomorrow on the workouts as day two opens up for the media. tpc saw grass, day two of the player's championship. tiger woods on number 15. the ball going sky high from 215 yards away and this is the approach shot and is a good one. he would make a birdie from there and finish at 1-under for the day and 3-under for the tournament. and phil mickleson, from the fringe on number 10 and this is why the short game is regarded as probably the best in the world and mickleson is at 3- under and is 9 back of the leader, lee westwood. the syracuse chiefs have sold out their tickets to tonight's game and can you guess why?
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steven strasburg is pitching. week so him in the big leagues as soon as next month and meanwhile in d.c., the nationals continue to play well. last night, a nailbiter ends in dramatic fashion and willie harris drives in the game- winning run in the bottom of the 9th. and took two of three from atlanta and stand at 15 and 13 overall, two games behind philly for first place in the nl east. the nats continue their six- game home stand against the marlins and greg salmon on the hill for d.c. elsewhere in houston, texas, that is not billy ray rojo johnson but will ferrell in full disguise. he was pecking for the round rock express and i'm not sure he was supposed to drench bee. the batter doesn't like it and charges the mound and gets bee in the face. it was all for fun, everyone was in on the fun.
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>> and that looks like fun. >> not surprising to see him do something like that. >> good stuff. >> and a good surprise. >> you think he draws more or straussberg? >> straussberg, for sure. >> you're probably right. and a last look at the forecast? >> looked like he fit in. big enough to be a ball player for sure. >> and lots of changes for tomorrow and starting on the mild side, a shower in the morning and watch for the big winds and cooler temperatures by the end of the weekend. >> thank you, sue. have a fantastic night and we're back here at 10. the news edge at 11. we hope you will be, too. - ( music aying ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. changeppointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you.
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at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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